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A Bali-based Public Relations, Social Media, and Marketing Communication Agency. Mahameru will grow your business with proven, impactful, and cost-effective marketing strategies to connect you with the right media and customers

About Mahameru

Mahameru is a Public Relations and Marketing Communication agency based in Bali, Indonesia. Beyond traditional marketing and media, we deliver a targeted 360° marketing communication strategies through the use of innovative digital marketing channels.

Our experienced team of Public Relations consultants possess solid backgrounds, both as marketing communication practitioners and journalists for national & international publications, including Forbes Travel Guide US. Be it creating engaging brand messages or designing digital marketing campaigns to achieve your marketing goals, we pour our creativity into each of our project.

With extensive experiences working for various companies across diverse industries, we are confident that we can help you in delivering your targeted messages to the right media & customers.

 Your brand has a story, let us help you share it. 

our services

Marketing Communications

You need a consistent brand message across all channels. Do not just beating around the bushes with your marketing efforts, let’s us help to strategize it to get the best impact.

Public Relations & Media

At the core of good branding is a good story. We will find your story and link you with the right media to ensure the story got picked up for exposure

Social Media

Do not just post in social media and hoping for a miracle brand exposure. The ever-changing social media spheres are our playgrounds. Let us help to guide you through it! It will be a fun ride!

Content Writing

From an eye-catching press release, to creative articles and SEO friendly blogs; we have written them all. Our articles are published in Forbes Travel Guide US, The Jakarta Globe & more. Check out our portfolio

Digital Marketing

Need help to place your targeted social media ads, creating an engaging EDM or developing an interactive web & app? We have bunch of creative folks that would like to help.

Influencers Marketing

Be it foodies, luxury travelers to environmental campaigners, we will help to link you with the right influencers to generate online exposures


  • Extensive experiences working with various brands across industries. From oil & gas to non-profit organization, fashion retails to luxury resorts in Bali; we have successfully done integrated marketing communications campaigns that deliver results for our clients.
  • We do not need huge marketing budget in order to success. We have proven to thrive with limited budget available. Our creativity enables us to.
  • We are published writers. Our articles have been published in various national & international media from Forbes Travel Guide US, The Jakarta Globe, Bali & Beyond, Hello Bali, etc. As writers, we know good stories when we see one; and good story always attract people to pay attention and engage with the brand.
  • We provide wide macro perspectives for your integrated marketing communications strategy. From interactive website, engaging social media contents to exciting media campaigns and exposures; we will tailor it to your company’s goal.
  • We provide one stop shopping for your brands’ communications need. At the heart of our team are bunch of creative people. From photographer, graphic designer to amazing app developer, we have the experts to help you.

our valued clients

Writing Portofolio


by Mahameru

As published in The Jakarta Globe Newspaper: As a lone female traveler, making my way through...

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Did you know?

Mahameru is the name of the highest mountain summit in the island of Java. Set atop of Mount Semeru in East Java, Mahameru rise 3,7676 above the sea level and considered as the third highest active volcano in Indonesia.

Translated as “The Great Mountain”, Mahameru derives its name from the Buddhist mythical mountain of Meru or Sumeru. The myth has it that Mount Meru which is originally come from the holy land in India, was being transported by the God to Java to stabilize the island. Up to now, it is still regarded as a sacred place where the Gods and deities live. And Mahameru, being the highest top of the mountain is deemed as the most sacred place of all.

It is placed so high that it is considered as the connector to send messages from the mortals to the deities who live at the seventh heaven.

And that is how we'd like us to be - to be the connector of your message, from you to your audiences.

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Co-working Legian, Sara Residence, Jalan Nakula No. 9, Bali, Indonesia 80361

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